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Students in EPOS

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Student Assistants

Master's Thesis Students

  • Björn Endres


    • Stefan Weisenberger - see Sven's Students (together with Heiko Maus and Ludger van Elst)
    • Malte Kiesel (now staff !)
    • Markus Reinhardt
    • Robinson Aschoff, University of Heidelberg

Project Thesis Students

Internship Students

  • Christian Schütz - see Sven's Students (together with Thomas Roth-Berghofer)

Former Students

  • Panitini Madhu Satyanarayana
  • Pascal Arweiler, FH Birkenfeld
  • Michael Breidel, FH Birkenfeld
  • Emmanuel Gasne, ENST Bretagne, FRANCE, implemented user observation plugins for Mozilla Thunderbird and Firebird. More inforation can be found here
  • Björn Endres
  • Jordi Hernandez
  • Nagaseshagiri Poola
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