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Peer-to-Peer Information Retrieval

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Short description of the destination of this part of the EPOS project:

Precise satisfaction of information needs in interacting knowledge workspaces

  • Improve user satisfaction by collaborative information retrieval
    • exploit query experience resulting from previous queries together with user feedback on the query results
    • associate query experience with the appropriate context and model elements
    • re-use query experience to improve new user queries in a way that the results will better fit to the current context and the assumed user intentions
  • Tap personal knowledge workspaces as an organizational memory resource
    • communicate information needs across workspaces
    • integrate answers from different workspaces to satisfy the query

Reuse query experience in order to improve search in collaborative workspaces

  • Relevance feedback allows to save positive examples of query results as reusable experience
    • Learn about successful query-result-concepts based on term occurrence
  • Retrieved information objects are associated with the personal information models and the retrieval context. This association is transferred to the corresponding query experiences
  • Current information needs are better satisfied by using stored query experiences for query reformulation
  • The exchange of stored query experiences between individual workspaces helps to identify and build thematic communities
    • other users in similar situations profit from previous experience
    • particular queries are routed to appropriate partner workspaces to retrieve information across workspace boundaries

Research Topics:

  • Peer-To-Peer IR (P2P-IR)
    • How to identify the peers to inform/query ?
    • How to merge search results from several peers?
  • Quality estimation
    • How relevant are the results from other peers?
    • What makes a peer a specialist/expert/layman/amateur?

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