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User Observation - Mozilla Plugins

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Emmanuel Gasne implemented installable plugins for Mozilla Thunderbird and Firebird during his three month traineeship at DFKI.

These plugins observe the user's actions and sends them via XML-RPC to some listener.

It was some really hard and tedious work because of Mozilla's typical open source characteristics:

  • few documentation
  • some declared functionality just did not work as described
  • needed functionality not available from all of the APIs, especially not from JavaScript (some functionality can only be accessed when hacking directly in C++)

Nevertheless, we happened to relize a plugin for Thunderbird and Firebird observing the user's actions (e.g. receiving or sending some email, creating an address book entry, etc.) and sends them via XML-RPC to some listener.

The context elicitation module of EPOS receives these notifications and uses them to estimate the user's current state, intentions and goals.

Some months later, Moritz Plössl joined our team and took over Emmanuel's work. The enhanced Mozilla extensions are (soon) available as DragonTalk, an open-source project.

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